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I am a self taught artist living in Liverpool, England. I specialise mainly in wall mounted relief sculptures. I have a unique style which is instantly recognisable by a growing body of the public. My work has been sold internationally and through many galleries as well as completing commissions for corporate clients such as Richard Branson's Virgin Roof Gardens, Liverpool Football Club, RHS Chelsea Flower show, architects and garden designers. I won the award for Innovatve Art at the 2016 National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.

For a long time I have been on a personal quest to understand myself and the world. I have never been motivated by accumulating money and material wealth. To me the real treasures of life are experiences and knowledge. This quest has lead me down many paths. By taking to the air... from flying a plane solo over desert wastelands of New Mexico to jumping out of them with a parachute. I have journeyed overland to experience different cultures, underland in the worlds deepest gold mine in South Africa to the undersea with scuba tanks on my back. Eventually, journeys to the most mysterious landscape of all were inevitable...the realm of the Mind and the hidden Spirit World underlying our reality.It was my inner journeys that lead me to embark on my artistic career. Here is where I found my purpose in life...my gift that is natural to me to share with others. I believe everyone has a special gift that is latent within them to express and share, but unfortunately so many never find it because of the distractions of the world and demands of life.

One of the most profound experiences into the realm of consciousness for me occurred after ingesting ayahuasca with Shuar Indian Shamans in the Amazon rainforest. In altered states of consciousness I saw unfathomable beauty of furiously fast moving geometric light patterns and lifeforms composed of shimmering light. This is why I try to create art that is beautiful and uplifting and why I try to incorporate the element of light in my creations.

It is important to me as an artist to be as unique and different from other artists as I can. I derive a lot of inspiration from nature but I also understand the importance of using my imagination and I'm constantly experimenting with new ways to express my art. I see my artistic career as an unfolding evolutionary process. Painters aim to achieve the illusion of form and depth, whereas as a sculptor I can actually give rise to it. And yet as a relief sculptor, I too also try to achieve the illusion of greater depth than is actually present, so I inhabit a world between the artist and the sculptor