I am a self taught sculptor from Liverpool, England. I specialise mainly in wall and glass mounted relief sculptures using bonded marble, transparent resins and recycled glass. I try to create art that is beautiful and uplifting and derive inspiration from the beautiful natural world that God the wonderful Creator made. I won the award for Innovative Art at the 2016 National Exhibition of Wildlife Art. I am constantly experimenting with new ways to express my art and view my artistic career as an unfolding evolutionary process. Painters aim to achieve the illusion of form and depth, whereas as a sculptor I can actually give rise to it. And yet as a relief sculptor, I too also try to achieve the illusion of greater depth than is actually present, so I inhabit a world between the artist and the sculptor. My artworks are ideal for interior and exterior walls and the glass mounted ones are perfect for display on window sills and shelves. My sculptures always look much better in real life than on photos, where the interesting colours and textures of the stone I take a lot of effort to achieve come to life.